Becoming by Michelle Obama


This book is a beautiful love story. A love of family. Love of home. Love of heritage. Love of learning and helping others.

Michelle Obama’s autobiography is written with love and admiration for her history, beginnings, and life. She’s self-deprecating while awing the reader with her accomplishments. I don’t know what I can say about Michelle that hasn’t been said. She is an incredibly intelligent and caring person.

Her description of Barack as cerebral and someone who’d rather be at home studying rather than in a bar and someone who was modest and lived modestly is exactly how I’ve imagined this man who publishes reading, listening, and watching lists. Barack was on a quest although he didn’t know where it would lead. Throughout the book, I related to the ideals of wanting to be effective more than wealthy.

This beautiful written narrative came at a moment when I needed confirmation of my strong desire to help others. It is the ideal of moving past class that pulled me into the portion of the book where she describes Barack.
Michelle’s story of seeing Les Mis with Barack is funny. I remember seeing it as a teen and I too did not thoroughly get it. Now as an adult, I love it and when I took my then pre-teens to see it a few years ago, so much wiser than me, love it.

Even more profound, are the recollections on dealing with being in the public eye, Barack becoming a politician, and her struggles to balance her work, children, and marriage. Michelle takes responsibility for things that didn’t work and figuring out a solution.

Read this book and remember that we can fight for the way the world could be. There is hope.

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