Mexican Gothic

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Mexican Gothic is a bit Wuthering Heights and Edgar Allen Poe mixed with Cold Comfort Farm. Debutante Noemi is sent from Mexico City to check on her newlywed cousin, Catalina, who now lives in a rural village.

Light-hearted Noemi is immediately put on edge by the strangeness of her cousin’s in-laws and the uncomfortableness of the house that they live in. Noemi is witty and clever and while she does bumble around a bit in her society high heels, she is tenacious and curious.

At times, Noemi seems too distracted by the house and the strange in-laws to properly protect Catalina but that is also a side effect of the building situation she finds herself trapped in.

The story is initially wonderfully centered in the debutant society of Mexico City and then moves to the rural village where the gothic inspired tale is spun.

I hadn’t planned to read another spooky or scary novel this month but it is quite different than the other novels I’ve recently read and I enjoyed the whimsical yet creepy mood of this story.

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