Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A twist of fate causes Mare Barrow, a 17 year old soon to be sent to war to instead end up in the palace as a servant. She is then revealed to have secret powers that must be controlled so the King & Queen force her to become engaged to their younger son.


Initially I saw comparisons to Hunger Games and to Shadow and Bone but within a couple chapters this dystopian-fantasy novel became its own interesting read and world.

Mare’s best friend, Killorn is being conscripted. He was supposed to be safe from the war but when his apprenticeship with a fisherman falls apart after the fisherman dies, Mare feels compelled to protect her friend. I found Killorn a bit whiny. He kept showing up just in time to make Mare’s life more difficult.

The love triangle between Mare and the two sons of the palace was interesting since it was difficult to tell which of the brothers might be the good guy.

The story ends in a way that the reader is ready to find out what happens next but many important plot elements are resolved.

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